Anry Domino Patience


Challenge your intelligence with this complicated game of solitaire


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Anry Domino Patience is a new challenge for the lovers of puzzles and intelligence games. More than one person will spend hours of playtime in front of the PC screen.

In this case, we present you with a game of solitaire that uses domino stones to create intricate and pleasant puzzles that will keep you entertained for more time than you think.

The objective of the game is to use all the stones that form a normal and ordinary domino to clean up the screen.

For this, you'll need to connect the squares two by two in the central window as if you were placing a certain piece. The difficulty of the game is based on the multiple possible combinations so that in the beginning it will almost be impossible to complete a level without losing some neurons in the process.

Additionally, if you get tired of the domino stones you can always use one of the other skins of the program, like numbers or colored balls.
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